Please complete this form to hire one of our radiation meters. Once you complete the form you will navigate to our payment gateway. Online payment must be made before the meter can be dispatched via post.


(Pick-up in person at ARPANSA's Yallambie office is currently unavailable)

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Terms and conditions for the Radiation Meter Hire Service

  • I understand that ARPANSA does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred from the use of the radiation meters
  • I declare that the meter is hired for personal use only and not for professional use (e.g. occupational health and safety survey)
  • I agree to return the meter back to ARPANSA on or before the fifth full day after receipt of magnetic field meter, ionising radiation meter, or UV Index meter and on or before the thirtieth full day after receipt of the radon meter
  • I accept that if I fail to return the meter within that time, I may be charged a fee of $10.00 for each day in excess of that period until the meter is returned.
  • I agree to pay for necessary repairs or replacement (not exceeding $1500) if the meter is damaged or lost
  • ARPANSA will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles in all dealings with you. In order to provide the hire service we need to collect personal information about you, including but not limited to, your full name and address, drivers licence details and credit card details. You consent to us using your personal information in order to fulfil the functions associated with the hire of equipment to you.

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