9 November 2023

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) will provide $150,000 in funding to support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) research into the potential health effects of radio wave exposure on the general and working population.

ARPANSA’s Chief Radiation Health Scientist, Dr Rick Tinker, says that the findings from this research will be published as a WHO monograph.

‘The funding will specifically support the work of a WHO task group into the health effects of radio waves,’ Dr Tinker said.

‘As a member nation, the Australian Government supports the WHO’s independent assessment of all the scientific evidence on this topic.’

ARPANSA is one of WHO’s collaborating centres for radiation protection. This relationship allows WHO to access resources at ARPANSA, such as technical advice on radiation protection.

WHO’s Radiation and Health Unit Head, Dr Emilie van Deventer, says that the funding they have received from Australia and other member nations will assist in providing updated health assessment on radio wave safety to all 194 member states.

‘The task group’s work is important as we evaluate the latest scientific evidence on potential health effects from radio waves,’ Dr van Deventer said.

‘This work will help support the development of best-practice guidelines and national legislation to ensure that people remain protected from radio wave exposure.’

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