23 June 2023

ARPANSA Acting CEO Dr Rick Tinker has removed a licence condition from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) Health Products facility following satisfactory implementation of recommendations following a 2018 safety review.

The licence condition was imposed in 2019 by then CEO Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson following a June 2018 direction for ANSTO to undertake an independent safety review.

The independent safety review considered occupational radiation safety of processes and operational procedures at ANSTO’s nuclear medicine facility (now ANSTO Health Products) –particularly those associated with quality control of molybdenum-99 samples.

The licence condition stated:

The licence holder must report to the CEO of ARPANSA on progress of the Independent Safety Review Action Plan implementation starting with a report for the last quarter of 2019 and then at six-monthly intervals until all actions are completed to the satisfaction of the CEO.

All actions from the independent safety review have been completed to the satisfaction of the CEO and the licence condition has now been removed.

ARPANSA will continue to monitor the ongoing implementation of recommendations through its regular inspection program.

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