20 July 2023

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is pleased to announce The Hon Assistant Minister Ged Kearney MP’s appointment of Dr Jane Canestra as incoming Chair of the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council (RHSAC).

RHSAC is one of ARPANSA’s three statutory advisory bodies. Members provide guidance and advice to the CEO of ARPANSA on strategic and emerging issues, as well as matters of public concern relating to radiation protection and nuclear safety. Appointment terms are for three years.

Dr Canestra has been a General Member of the Council since 2015. She was an emergency physician with an extensive background in public health, emergency preparedness and response, including advising on planning responses to chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) incidents at state and national levels.  

‘I am honoured to follow Dr Roger Allison as Chair of RHSAC, and thank both Dr Gillian Hirth and Assistant Minister Kearney for their support. I am looking forward to harnessing the collective expertise of Council and bringing further considered advice and support to ARPANSA as significant developments in radiation protection and nuclear safety occur in Australia,' said Dr Canestra.

Dr Gillian Hirth, CEO ARPANSA, congratulated Dr Canestra on her new role.

‘I am excited to welcome Dr Canestra as new Chair of RHSAC. As well as contributing eight years to the Council as a General Member, Dr Canestra brings considerable expertise to the role. Notably, she is highly experienced in the fields of emergency and risk management, and in health system and responder preparedness for radiological emergencies.’

Dr Hirth also thanked outgoing Chair, Dr Roger Allison for his decade-long commitment to – and guidance in – matters of radiation protection and nuclear safety.

‘I wish to extend our gratitude to Dr Allison for his significant service and contribution to the Agency. During his tenure, Dr Allison has shown himself to be a strong leader for the Council, providing invaluable, considered advice across a wide range of regulatory and public health issues.’

The Council has also welcomed three new General Members: Mr Christopher Perry, Associate Professor Catherine Olsen, Mr Stuart Parr and Mr Christopher Donovan.

‘The Council remains in good hands with Dr Canestra as Australia embarks on a new chapter of nuclear safety and security and ARPANSA continues our work to protect people and the environment,’ said Dr Hirth.

View the full Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council membership.

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