25 November 2022

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is offering funding to support research that addresses knowledge gaps about health effects from exposure to electromagnetic energy, especially the higher frequencies now being used in wireless technologies like the 5G network.   

ARPANSA’s Radiation Research and Advice Director A/Prof Sarah Loughran says there is currently no established evidence that exposure to radio waves at levels below the safety limits can cause any health effects, but that there are knowledge gaps that require further investigation. 

‘The research we’re supporting helps us to understand the health implications of technologies that use EME,’ A/Prof Loughran said.  

‘One of the projects we are currently supporting is to investigate at what frequency and exposure level changes to biological cells can be observed. 

‘Supporting research in this space means that we can stay at the forefront in Australia and internationally in providing science-based health advice on radio waves.’ 

This funding opportunity is available as part of the Australian government’s enhanced EME program.    

Applications to support major research projects, up to $300,000, are open from 25 November 2022 to 3 February 2023. 

Successful funding applicants will be notified in April 2023.  

In 2022, APRANSA provided over $350,000 worth of funding to support three projects.  

More information about the EME program research framework and the projects we’ve supported can be found on our website.  

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