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Ciftci ZZ, Kirzioğlu Z, Naziroğlu M, Ozmen O

This animal study investigated the effects of Wi-Fi RF exposure on tooth development in growing rats. In the study rats were exposed to either RF radiation at 2.45 GHz (SAR = 0.009 W/kg) or sham for 2 hours per day during the periods of pregnancy (21 days) and lactation (21 days). The offspring were also exposed for up to 21 days after birth. Examination of the offspring’s teeth found no effect on the development of the teeth and surrounding tissues. However there were alterations in the teeth’s elemental composition especially in iron, copper and zinc suggesting that short-term exposure to Wi-Fi may cause an imbalance in the oxidative stress condition in the teeth of growing rats.

Published In:

Biol Trace Elem Res 2014: in press

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