Last week the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) held a forum for its licence holders in Canberra.

The annual event provides information on any new or upcoming regulatory changes in the areas of radiation protection and nuclear safety.

The forum is also a platform for industry experts to share knowledge on maintaining safety and compliance requirements at their facilities. 

ARPANSA regulates Commonwealth entities that use or produce radiation. 

‘As Australia’s leading authority on nuclear regulation, we aim to engage with licence holders at all stages of the licensing process’ says Jim Scott, Chief Regulatory Officer of ARPANSA.

‘This forum is an opportunity for our stakeholders to broaden their understanding of the regulatory requirements in place that will assist them with meeting their obligations and ultimately improve safety outcomes.’

During the forum, experts discussed safety and security around radioactive waste.

ARPANSA expects future licence applications for the Government's proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

‘ARPANSA does not have a formal role until a licence is received, however it is important to engage with stakeholders at all stages, through these forums as well as consultation and engagement with local communities’ said Mr Scott.

Strong regulatory frameworks and a national commitment to radiation protection contribute to ARPANSA’s reputation as a leading authority internationally.

‘Australia has a robust regulatory framework that helps protect communities from the harmful effects of radiation’ said Dr Gillian Hirth, Chief Executive Officer of ARPANSA.

‘Collaborating with our licence holders is key to upholding a safe and secure regulatory environment.’

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