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ARPANSA to host online event on mobile phones and health

5 August 2021

In celebration of National Science Week 2021 (14-22 August), ARPANSA will be hosting an online event ‘Mobile phones and health’, with our Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Program Director, Associate Professor Sarah Loughran.

‘With the deployment of the 5G mobile phone network, we’ve seen increased public interest in radio waves, and whether they have any negative health impacts,’ said Assoc Prof Loughran. 
The virtual event will include a presentation covering:

  • the science behind mobile phones
  • how ARPANSA’s radio wave safety standard protects public health
  • mobile phone myth busters
  • an update on ARPANSA’s EME Program. 

There will also be an opportunity for questions from attendees.

‘In this presentation I’m aiming to shed some light on how radio wave technologies work, and the strong protective measures ARPANSA recommends to ensure safety. I’m also looking forward to the Q&A session so I can answer any additional questions that people may have,’ said Assoc Prof Loughran.  

The event will take place on Friday 20 August from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM. Registrations for the event are open until 20 August via the National Science Week website.

This event is part of ARPANSA’s engagement in National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

‘We’re excited to be involved in this celebration of science and to share our knowledge of radiation and health with all Australians’, said ARPANSA Chief Radiation Health Scientist Dr Gillian Hirth.

ARPANSA will also be sharing updates and radiation science content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter throughout Science Week.