10 September 2018

ARPANSA is mandated to ensure the safe use of radiation in Australia. To do this and to make sure our medical radiation services stay at the forefront of international best practice, we are future-proofing the nation   by installing a new medical linear accelerator (linac).

ARPANSA will procure this new state-of-the-art piece of equipment to help create optimal results for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy in Australia. The new linac will replace our old one and be housed in a newly constructed bunker.

Each year, over 60,000 Australians undergo radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment. Linacs are the medical devices used to deliver this therapy in highly-targeted dosages. Independent checking of the calibration of linacs (or dosimetry auditing) is an important aspect of ensuring both accurate and safe radiation treatment. 

The new linac will ensure each radiotherapy patient across Australia receives the optimal dose needed to treat their cancer. This means the Australian public can rest assured that radiation oncology in Australia continues to be of a high quality.

Our new linac is being installed in a brand new education suite enabling ARPANSA to complement its world-class research capability with a modern education centre. The project is due to be completed by the end of the year. Read more about our current linac here or follow us on Facebook for our new linac construction updates.

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