Earlier this month ARPANSA and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) met to formalise our partnership to promote sun safety and support skin cancer prevention.

CCV is a non-profit organisation involved in cancer research, support, prevention and advocacy. Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CCV reaffirms our effective working relationship as we collaborate on local and national initiatives.

ARPANSA CEO, Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson acknowledged ARPANSA’s longstanding relationship with the Cancer Council and both national and state levels. 

‘This MOU outlines how ARPANSA and CCV will work together to improve health outcomes related to ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Together we are focussing on reducing the risk of skin cancer to the public and the associated burden on our health system.‘ 

‘I look forward to continuing to collaborate and support CCV’s research and advocacy to positively influence cancer prevention in Victoria and Australia,’ Dr Larsson said.

The relationship opens up improved opportunities to exchange information and direct future research and project initiatives across the two organisations, including through development of annual work plans.

‘We’re proud of the work we have undertaken with the Cancer Council and SunSmart to provide evidence-based advice on the effects of UV exposure. We look forward to collaborating further during November as we promote UV awareness and skin cancer action week’, said Dr Larsson.

ARPANSA and CCV are both designated World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centres on UV and encourage action to reduce UV-induced health risks, provide guidance and develop effective sun awareness programs.

ARPANSA and CCV are represented on Cancer Council Australia's National Skin Cancer Committee, relevant Committees of Standards Australia and the UV Working Group. 

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