ARPANSA is pleased to host, in conjunction with the International Commission of Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS), the 5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection on 17-21 November 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The ICRP Symposium offers the opportunity for around 400 professionals, experts and researchers from around the world to gather and discuss concerns and challenges faced in all areas of radiological protection, including ways forward through new research, behavioural changes and improved engagement with stakeholders.

With a Symposium theme of Mines, Medicine and Mars, the topical areas to be explored include radiological protection in mining, cutting-edge technologies and techniques in medicine, plus the protection of passengers and crew in modern aviation and space travel. 

‘It is an honour to welcome the international radiation protection community to Australia for this important event,’ said Dr Gillian Hirth, ARPANSA Chief Radiation Health Scientist and ICRP committee member.

‘This is a unique opportunity to bring together experts from diverse fields of practice to share knowledge and experience and improve the global understanding of radiation safety issues and advances.’

ARPANSA staff will present on a range of topics including:   

  • Validation of an effective dosimeter for radon decay products
  • NORM: A planned or existing exposure situation?
  • Learning from the Australian Radiation Incident Register
  • ARPANSA’s national diagnostic reference level service – providing guidance on typical doses in medical imaging
  • Australian actions to reduce health risks from radon
  • Advantages for a Primary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory in having a Medical Linear Accelerator

Further research and expertise will be showcased via the poster sessions and ARPS forum held during the week.

‘It will be great to hear from so many ARPANSA scientists and other Australian and international experts throughout the four-day event’, said Dr Hirth.

For further detail on the symposium program, including world class keynote speakers and social events, visit:

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