The annual report of the CEO of ARPANSA 2019-2020 was tabled in parliament on Wednesday 14 October 2020 and is now available in the Commonwealth government Transparency Portal.

The annual report is an important tool for transparency and accountability, serving as an overview of ARPANSA’s performance against our financial and strategic objectives. The report also captures information on staffing statistics, the agency’s structure, committees and our activities as a regulator. 

Report highlights include:

  • our radionuclide monitoring obligations and responsibilities under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty 
  • our development of a new specialised audit technique for magnetic resonance linear accelerators (MR-Linacs) used in radiotherapy treatments
  • our review of ARPANSA’s safety culture through our Safety Culture Assessment 
  • our work informing the Australian public about 5G telecommunications and health through our Talk to a Scientist program and social media channels.

‘Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARPANSA staff have demonstrated great resilience and commitment, which is evidenced through the achievements outlined in this annual report,’ said Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson, ARPANSA CEO.

‘While some international engagement and onsite audits and inspections were interrupted by travel restrictions, we have found new ways to collaborate and connect online. We look forward to taking these learnings onboard to further improve organisational resilience and service delivery.’

The report also includes a new section outlining areas for improvement relating to licence holder safety performance (page 130). 

‘As a regulator of Commonwealth entities that use or produce radiation, we are committed to continuous improvement in safety for all licence holders’, said Dr Larsson.

Read the full ARPANSA annual report 2019-20 on the Commonwealth government Transparency Portal or on the ARPANSA website.

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