The Annual Report of the CEO of ARPANSA 2018-19 was tabled in parliament on Tuesday 15 October 2019 and is now available online.


ARPANSA’s annual report informs parliament, stakeholders and the wider public about our priorities, achievements and activities during the previous financial year.


This year marks the first time that our annual report is released in the new Commonwealth government transparency portal, allowing easy access to relevant data and clear comparison of metrics across agencies and departments.


Highlights from this year’s annual report include:

  • installing a new, state-of-the-art linear accelerator to respond to changes in the medical oncology environment
  • receiving an international team of experts to perform a peer review of Australia’s regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service mission (IRRS)
  • publishing the mobile phone and brain cancer study in the British Medical Journal Open
  • publishing our emergency exposure guide and advice on lasers, IPL devices and LED phototherapy for cosmetic treatments and beauty therapy
  • celebrating 20 years of excellence, building on the success of ARPANSA’s predecessors from the previous 90 years.

'This year’s annual report showcases our commitment to serving as Australia’s leading authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. With the installation of the new linear accelerator and hosting of an international peer review to benchmark ourselves against international best practice, both highlighted in this year’s report, ARPANSA has been able to strengthen our role as service provider, independent regulator, and health advisor to the Australian Government and community. ARPANSA is well placed to work towards our 2019-2020 priorities'

- Carl-Magnus Larsson, CEO of ARPANSA

Read the full ARPANSA annual report 2018-19 on the new Commonwealth government transparency portal.

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