Part of ARPANSA’s role is the regulation of all Commonwealth entities that use radiation. Regulation ensures compliance with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 and associated Regulations (2018) and is supported by a series of regulatory guides.


Our new Radiation Incident Site Preservation guide sets out the regulatory expectations for preserving a site following a radiation safety or security incident.


The document provides guidance for licence holders, on and off-site first responders, local authorities, and others who may have a role in the event of a radiation or work health and safety incident.


The new guide outlines expectations for incident management to ensure safe, secure, effective and efficient operations where radiation exposure or contamination is known or suspected to be present.


Effective incident management is important to effective regulation as collection and preservation of information is integral to post-incident investigation, site clean-up and ensuring learnings from past incidents are understood to avoid future occurrences.


This new guide sets expectations and best practice for site preservation only and does not attempt to inform on recovery or response procedures. Those aspects of incident management are expected to be developed at the local level and be unique to the licence holder’s conduct or dealings.


The new guide is part of our collection of Regulatory guides.

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