A recent scientific review by ARPANSA and Swinburne University into radio waves and calcium movements in the body has found no evidence radio waves cause non-thermal health effects.

The review focused on 69 different studies from around the world and was conducted as part of ARPANSA's ongoing research and assessment of radio waves and health, which has been of wider public interest since the roll out of 5G telecommunications systems.

‘After 50 years of research into possible effects of radio waves on cellular calcium levels, none of the reviewed studies were able to validate the claim that exposure to radio waves affects calcium movement or causes any non-thermal health effects,’ said Dr Ken Karipidis, Assistant Director, Health Impact Assessment.

‘The outcomes of this review demonstrate that theories on radio waves interfering with calcium movements and voltage-gated calcium channels are not supported by scientific evidence,’ said Dr Karipidis.

The review also looked at the design, quality and repeatability of the studies, and outlined some suggested improvement for future research in this area.  

‘We’re pleased to have worked with experts from Swinburne University in conducting this review and look forward to other collaborations as ARPANSA’s research and assessment of potential health effects from radio waves continues,’ said Dr Karipidis.

The review has been published in peer-reviewed journal, Radiation Research. You can view the full document on the BioOne website

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