We’ve recently released national advice for light-based cosmetic treatments in Australia for both patients and practitioners. 

The use of lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL) devices and light-emitting diode (LED) phototherapy (collectively referred to as light-based techniques) has grown significantly in popularity and availability in recent years. While these treatments may offer a range of benefits, they also have risks associated and can be hazardous if not properly administered, or maintained, to both consumers and providers.   
To address a lack of national oversight in the area, ARPANSA has jointly-collaborated with the community and interested parties to develop advice. This aims to promote a uniform approach in managing key issues around the use of optical radiation for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The advice is broken up into information for: 

  • practitioners working with light-based techniques clients receiving treatments. 
  • consumers - to shed light on common safety topics for light-based cosmetic treatments and promotes a best practice approach to issues that may occur. 

Although ARPANSA has released this advice, the regulation of private businesses offering these services is a matter for the state or territory where the business practices. 

Any enquiries regarding regulation should be directed to the relevant state or territory regulator.

Read the advice for consumers.
Read the advice for providers.

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