An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission will visit ARPANSA during 5–16 November 2018. 

The mission will involve a peer review of ARPANSA by international experts who will benchmark Australia’s regulatory framework and its effectiveness against IAEA Safety Standards. 

The review will cover a wide range of areas such as regulation of waste facilities, transport of radioactive materials, occupational radiation protection, nuclear safety, medical radiation and others.

All Australian state and territory radiation protection regulators will also participate, making the Australian IRRS the largest multi-jurisdictional mission ever undertaken.

ARPANSA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson said, ‘By inviting the IAEA to conduct this mission, it will give us an opportunity to see what we do well, and understand opportunities for improvement. This will ensure Australia remains at the forefront of international best practice in this complex area of regulation.’

Recommendations from the IRRS will be put forward to ARPANSA after the review is completed on 16 November, and some highlights will be available to share after this time. 

The final report will be published on ARPANSA’s website in early 2019.

Watch this space for updates on the IRRS opening, and other highlights to come.

For more information, visit our IRRS page.

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