The final report for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission to Australia has been released. 

The mission reviewed all Australian jurisdictions’ radiation protection regulatory practices in November 2018. It bench marked Australia against the International Atomic Energy Agency Safety Standards.
The final report highlighted several good practices for Australia and put forward some recommendations and suggestions, as outlined in an earlier What’s New article

High level findings commended Australia’s robust national safety framework. Recommendations included asking the Commonwealth Government to address the decommissioning of facilities and radioactive waste management, and ARPANSA to establish criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of our licensee’s emergency exercises. 

ARPANSA will work with the relevant Commonwealth departments, and State and Territory regulators, to develop an action plan to address the recommendations.

A follow up IRRS mission will visit Australia in approximately 2021-22 to assess our progress and the effectiveness of changes with the action plan. 

You can read an executive summary of the recommendations and a full detail of the report.

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