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New international draft guidelines on radiofrequency fields

13 July 2018

Telecommunications equipment such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV and radio transmitters all produce radiofrequency (RF) fields. Other sources of RF fields include microwave ovens, radar, industrial sources, and various medical applications. The amount of RF found in the everyday environment from common sources is low and not known to produce any health effects. For high exposures ARPANSA published a Standard in 2002 to protect the public and workers from the established effects of RF. The ARPANSA RF Standard is closely aligned with international guidelines prepared by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) in 1998 and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since 2000, research in the area of RF and health has grown rapidly and ICNIRP the last few years has been revising its RF guidelines. ICNIRP has released a draft revised guidelines document and is seeking feedback via a public consultation process.

ARPANSA is also revising its RF Standard and will consider the ICNIRP guidelines in the revision process. In the meantime the current 2002 Standard provides adequate protection and any new changes will be small.

More information about radiofrequency radiation can be found on our website.

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