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New opportunities for electromagnetic energy research

7 September 2021

ARPANSA has launched a new research framework to facilitate research of electromagnetic energy exposures and health. 

The framework is part of ARPANSA’s research activities under the Australian Government’s Enhanced Electromagnetic Energy (EME) program and sets out key research priorities and details how research projects will be funded.

‘The research program is open to proposals that address electromagnetic energy exposure and health,’ said EME Program Director, Sarah Loughran. 

‘This research will help ensure that Australia’s health policies and regulation continue to be based on the most up-to-date information and science,’ said Sarah. 

There are two types of projects considered in the framework: 

  • Minor projects
    • Must fall within the scope of the research priorities identified in the framework
    • Funding up to $30,000
    • Applications can be submitted at any time
  • Major research projects
    • Must address the research priority identified in the framework
    • Funding up to $300,000
    • Applications must be submitted 5 November 2021

‘I encourage all interested researchers to submit their proposals. EME and health is of high interest to the Australian and international community, and advancements in this area would yield great value for everyone involved,’ said Sarah. 

All applications will be assessed against the EME Program Research Proposals Assessment Criteria. Successful applications for major projects will be announced in January 2022. 

For more information, please visit the ARPANSA website