Our new charts help you find out what the ultraviolet radiation index is at our measurement sites and what time the ultraviolet radiation (UV) index will be at its highest.

The UV monitoring network has been upgraded to give you a more reliable service and provide a network that is capable of being expanded in the future.

What’s new?

  • Interact with the chart to find out UV information in other locations in Australia using the location menu
  • Find past data by using the date selector
  • Download an image of the chart, or the dataset by clicking on the arrow on the top right.

Enable your location for a better experience

Our charts use the location settings on your device or browser to display information from your nearest location. When you visit the page, your browser will ask to use your location. If you do not allow the browser to use your location you will see Melbourne’s chart by default. If you continue to see Melbourne’s chart but want to see a chart closer to your location, enable the location settings of your browser or your device.

Our ultraviolet radiation index charts can be found here.

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