We are hiring for the position of Chief Regulatory Officer and Head of Regulatory Services Branch.

The Chief Regulatory Officer and Branch Head, Regulatory Services is responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards for the branch and for aligning the branch business plan with ARPANSA’s Policy for ARPANSA’s Regulatory Activities and Corporate Plan.

The occupant of the role will be directly responsible for ARPANSA’s actions in the areas of facility safety (including nuclear installations), source safety and security, safety systems, and the national uniformity program. The occupant will establish and sustain strong collaborative arrangements with other branches and offices within ARPANSA. The occupant will also establish productive relationships with licensees and other stakeholders, including the public and relevant bodies in relation to licensing of major facilities.

The Regulatory Services Branch is the driver for maintaining and enhancing a radiation protection, and nuclear safety and security, regulatory framework for Commonwealth entities using or producing radiation, guided by national policies and international best practice. It is also a key driver for establishing a national regulatory framework across all jurisdictions, in collaboration with state and territory regulators.

Activities of the Regulatory Services Branch include regulatory assessment and review, licensing, compliance, inspection, enforcement, advice and information. It also issues import and export permits for radioactive material, and supports the role of ARPANSA during nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies. The Branch maintains the Australian Radiation Incident Register, and enhances its outreach through establishing whole of Australian Government relationships and through the facilitation of the Nuclear Safety and the Radiation Health Committees.

If you think you might be interested, or want to find out more about the position, don't hesitate to contact us on 03 9433 2298.

The full position description and application instructions can be found on our Careers page.

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