4 October 2023

ARPANSA is seeking nominations for 3 members of the Radiation Health Committee (RHC). The Committee advises the CEO on a range of radiation protection matters. It helps draft national policies, codes and standards on radiation protection, to promote and enable consistent regulation in Australia.

ARPANSA is seeking to appoint:

  • One member to represent the interests of the general public
  • Two members with relevant knowledge and expertise in radiation safety.

Applicants should possess in-depth knowledge, qualifications or industry experience in radiation protection, including:

  • radiation protection or radiation health
  • radiation risk management principles and frameworks, and management systems
  • plant, equipment and process safety related to radiation or radioactive materials
  • specialist areas such as non-ionising radiation, medical radiation, waste or transport.

The CEO of ARPANSA will also be appointing a Chairperson from the RHC’s membership to actively lead its functions.

    All appointments are part-time, and nominations are open for terms of up to 3 years, commencing 1 January 2024. 

    To nominate, please email the RHC Secretariat your CV detailing relevant experience for the role, as well as the position you are applying for by Friday, 20 October 2023.

    If you are interested in joining, you are encouraged to learn more about the functions and current membership of the Radiation Health Committee.

    Find out more about how you can nominate today. And for further information about the roles and expectations for advisory bodies, please read our guidelines.

    We look forward to announcing the 2024-2026 Committee in due course.

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