21 January 2022

A protocol that outlines the steps required for a systematic review of the effect of long-term radiofrequency exposure on cognition in human observational studies.

21 January 2022

A systematic map protocol to identify, collate and categorise all relevant evidence on the impact of anthropogenic RF EMF exposure on animals and plants in the environment.

24 August 2021

A state-of-the science review examining the research into the biological and health effects of RF fields above 6 GHz at exposure levels below the ICNIRP occupational limits.

13 August 2021

As part of the newly formed EME Program, ARPANSA is making it’s first annual call for applications to address the research priority of ‘5G EME exposures and health’.

17 March 2021

Two new scientific reviews conducted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and Swinburne University of Technology have found no evidence of adverse health effects from the radio waves used in 5G.

25 February 2021

This Advisory Note sets out the path to evaluate compliance with the requirements of the ARPANSA Standard for Limiting Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields – 100 kHz to 300 GHz (RPS S-1) for mobile or portable transmitting equipment that emits radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields at frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz.

25 February 2021

The Standard for Limiting Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields – 100 kHz to 300 GHz (2021), RPS S-1 (Rev. 1) sets limits of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME) for the public and workers.

Landscape photo of city at night with overlaid lights showing connections
28 August 2020

ARPANSA has released a consultation draft of the new safety standard for exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy – also known as radio waves.

Woman holding mobile phone
23 July 2020

ARPANSA has released an action plan outlining activities that will be undertaken as part of the Australian Government’s Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Program.

8 July 2020

Earlier this year, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) measured the level of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) the public is exposed to at 59 small cell sites across Australia.


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