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Mobile phones

Image of person using their phone
11 December 2018

A study led by ARPANSA, published with the British Medical Journal Open, found no link between the use of mobile phones in Australia and incidence of brain cancers.

Woman in red shirt using a mobile phone
20 June 2018

An article published in the Daily Mail Australia on 18 June 2018, reports that using a mobile phone can be as damaging on your skin as being out in the sun. It is concerning that the exposure from smartphones has been compared to the same time spent in the sun.

A hand holding a smartphone
7 February 2018

A series of animal studies on mobile phone radiofrequency radiation and health have been conducted over two years by the United States Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program.

This is an Australian prospective cohort study that investigated the effect of wireless (mobile and

This meta-analysis investigated the association between mobile

This meta-analysis evaluated whether mobile phone use causes glioma.

This meta-analysis looked into whether mobile phone use is associated with intracranial

This systematic review investigated the association between mobile phone use and brain tumours.

This animal study looked into the effect of RF on embryo development.

This cohort study investigated the association between use of wireless devices and health symptom reports in adolescents.


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