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Mobile phones

This is a cohort study that looked into the possibility of any association between pregnancy outcomes and parental RF EMFexposure to mobile phones.

This is a case-control study which looked into the association between

This in vitro study investigated whether mobile phone use affects the development of human tumour cells.

This animal study investigated whether the RF exposure, ringtone and vibration associated with mobile phone use results in anxiety-like behaviour and oxidative stress.

This is an animal study that investigated the effects of mobile phone and Wi-Fi use on some hormones and

This is a systematic review that investigated the association between

This human provocation study looked into the effects of

This is a review of the literature on the studies that investigated the risk of brain tumours and mobile phone use. A total of 22 scientific papers were included in the review.

This cross-sectional study investigated the effect of using a GSM mobile phone on 

This epidemiological case-control study investigated whether mobile phone use is associated with


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