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Mobile phones

This is a systematic review by the Health Council of the Netherlands (HCN) of anima

This human provocation study investigated whether using a mobile phone affects the

This is an animal study which investigated the effects of mobile phone use on testicular function.

This is a cross-sectional study investigating the prevalence of mobile phone ownership among children with bra

This is a cross-sectional study investigated the association between mobile phone use and inattention in a group

This case-control study looked at the association between long-term mobile and cordless (wireless) phone use and the

This in vitro study investigated whether mobile phone RF exposure (at a SAR of 0.023 W/kg) affects the

This is a pooled analysis of two case-con

This is a pooled analysis of all the epidemiological studies investigating the association between mobile

Casually dressed male and female scientists performing measurements in a field.
20 June 2017

ARPANSA coordinated a survey of environmental radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) levels arising from mobile phone base station antennas.


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