This was a double-blind

12 January 2017

We have measured radiofrequency (RF) exposure from Wi-fi and other sources across 23 schools in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

This measurement study assessed the radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields exposure level due to Wi-Fi in Australian schools.

This animal study investigated whether low level RF radiation from Wi-Fi causes any ad

This is an animal study that investigated whether RF exposure causes male infertility.

This is an animal study that investigated the effects of mobile phone and Wi-Fi use on some hormones and

This is a human provocation study that investigated whether RF exposure influences brain activity and ability to sustain attention.

This is an in vitro study investigating whether the RF EMFs from

This animal study investigated the effects of Wi-Fi RF exposure on tooth development in growing rats.

20 June 2017

There is no established scientific evidence that the low exposure to RF EME from Wi-fi adversely affects the health of children or the general population.


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