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2017–18 Annual Report - Case study 4 - LearnHub: an innovative way to expand ARPANSA’s capabilities

Part 3: Case Study 4 - LearnHub: an innovative way to expand ARPANSA’s capabilities

In February 2018, ARPANSA officially launched LearnHub, a learning management system designed to allow staff easy access to training courses and other development resources. Through the online learning portal staff can access a range of content including Australian Public Service modules, specialised radiation protection information and cross-cultural awareness training.

The introduction of LearnHub is the latest in ARPANSA’s ongoing commitment to investing in the development of its staff, as this is crucial for engaging people and creating a high performing workplace.

LearnHub pulls together a range of educational resources, including content from external eLearning solutions including:

  • Lynda, a leading online learning platform with extensive course catalogue
  • Gartner, a research-based leadership and management resource
  • SkillSoft, which focuses on business skills and IT certification.​​​​​​

LearnHub also creates a platform for other APS​​​​​​​ and ARPANSA-specific modules. This includes ‘ARPANSA Knowledge’, a curated collection of scientific and technical learning material of specific interest to ARPANSA staff. Modules in ARPANSA Knowledge include radiation training specialising in radiation protection, nuclear safety and security.

The LearnHub portal will continue to expand its content to address the learning needs of staff, such as those identified in staff development plans.

The ability for staff to learn and progress is a key element of ARPANSA’s employment brand. It supports ARPANSA’s strategic objective ‘to enhance organisational innovation, capability and resilience’ and provides staff with another way to access training and learning opportunities.

LearnHub was implemented as part of a broader initiative to support ARPANSA’s Workforce Plan Learning Strategy (2017–2022). The objectives of the learning strategy are to:

  • enable the capability, productivity and performance required to achieve ARPANSA’s strategic objectives
  • enable high quality, purposeful and application-ready learning and knowledge sharing experiences
  • leverage a wide range of leading practice learning and knowledge sharing methodologies.

The Strategy prioritises continuous skill development for staff while also helping to foster people management capabilities, facilitate knowledge sharing, promote enterprise capabilities and aid career development.