Ensuring safety and the security in the use of radiation sources and associated facilities is the most importance for the protection of people and the environment from any associated radiation risks.

The Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources (Code of Conduct) serves as non-legally binding guidance to States for the development and harmonisation of policies, laws and regulations on the safety and security of radioactive sources.

The Code of Conduct and its Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources (PDF 2.07 mb) (Supplementary Guidance) together with IAEA safety standards, provide the international requirements and recommendations for an appropriate and sustainable regulatory system for the control of sources.

In response to IAEA General Conference resolution GC(47)/RES/7 (PDF 48 kb), 134 States have made a political commitment to implement the Code of Conduct and 107 States have notified the IAEA Director General of their intention to act in a manner consistent with the Supplementary Guidance. Australia gave its commitment to each instrument shortly after the dates of publication (2004 and 2005).

Peer information exchange and lessons learned

In 2006, the IAEA and Member States formalised a process for a periodic exchange of information and lessons learned:

  • an international meeting held every three years to review progress in implementing the Code of Conduct at an international level including sharing experiences, lessons learned and good practices and identify existing and future challenges with regard to ensuring the safety and security of radioactive sources
  • regional meetings to share information on experiences on implementing the Code of Conduct and Supplementary Guidance held on an as needed basis.

In addition to submitting topical papers, States participating in the international meeting are encouraged to prepare a national report to share their experiences and lessons learned in implementing the Code of Conduct and Supplementary Guidance.

There have been regular meetings of technical and legal experts to exchange information and discuss lessons learned in implementing the code of conduct. There have also been various regional meetings to encourage regional implementation. The outcomes of these meetings are found on the IAEA’s website

Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources:

Code of Conduct - Updated May 2023:

National reports:

Australia has submitted national reports to the 2007, 2010 and 2013 international meetings:

2007 National Report:

2010 National Report:

2013 National Report:

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