ARPANSA’s Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service (ACDS) has carried out audits on a new Elekta Unity MRI-Linac in Townsville, Queensland before the treatment of the first patient.

The new technology is a magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system that allows for precision delivery of radiation doses through improved visualisation during treatment. 

Currently in Australia, there is just one MRI-linac in clinical operation. Collaborating with local and international institutions, the audit process was carried out by ARPANSA after the completion of a year-long development program.

ARPANSA’s ACDS conducted Level 1b and Level III audits on the new machine. The Level 1b audit saw ACDS staff visiting the facility in Townsville to perform on-site measurements using ACDS dosimetry equipment. 

The Level III audit involved an end-to-end test using a human-like manikin simulating a real-life patient undergoing all steps in the radiotherapy treatment chain. 

Conducting the audit prior to any patient treatment provided strong quality assurance for the radiation oncology facility in Townsville and confidence in the dose received for all future patients. 

Jessica Lye, Director of ACDS, stated, “Our input assists in providing assurance and confidence that the correct radiation dose is being delivered to Australian patients. We are proud of this important step in ensuring patient safety with the newest radiotherapy technology.” 

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