In order to maintain the primary standards and provide calibration services, ARPANSA has a suite of radiation sources. These sources cover kilovoltage X-rays (one source covering the ‘superficial’ range 10 – 100 kVp and another covering the ‘orthovoltage’ range 30 – 300 kVp) and megavoltage photons (Cobalt-60). In 2009 a medical linac was installed to replace the research linac. This linac provides both megavoltage photon and electron beams, in the range 4 – 25 MeV.

Linac (medical linear accelerator)

<p>Our linac enables us to calibrate therapy dosemeters at megavoltage beam qualities close to those used by radiotherapy treatment centres.</p>


<p>This source is used to provide Cobalt-60 calibrations for thimble chambers used in radiotherapy.</p>

Kilovoltage X-rays

<p>Our kilovoltage X-ray facilities consist of two X-ray tubes covering the &lsquo;superficial&rsquo; and &lsquo;orthovoltage&rsquo; radiotherapy treatment ranges.</p>

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