You are not permitted to use the UPF Certification Trade Mark without written permission from ARPANSA for all instances of use unless you are licensed by ARPANSA to do so.

If ARPANSA has tested your company’s products, in general you can make factual and verifiable statements in connection with ARPANSA and your products. For example if ARPANSA has tested a product and assigned a UPF rating then statements such as "Product tested by ARPANSA" or "UPF rating by ARPANSA" would be acceptable. ARPANSA is a Commonwealth Government Agency and does not promote or endorse any company's products so you may not make statements or inferences to that effect.

You must not make or infer any association between ARPANSA and any products that have not specifically been tested by ARPANSA. For example if only part of a product range or colour range has been tested by ARPANSA then statements cannot be made that associate ARPANSA with all the products or colours.

Due to variations in UPF ratings between different batches of fabrics and between similar specification fabrics from different suppliers ARPANSA considers that twelve months is the limit for associating its name with materials and products tested by ARPANSA unless subsequent testing of those products is undertaken.

ARPANSA monitors usage of its name in association with commercial products and companies making claims that refer to ARPANSA may be asked to substantiate those claims.

UPF Certification Trade Mark Administration 
619 Lower Plenty Road 
Yallambie VIC 3085

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