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Status message

On 10 April 2022 the Australian Government assumed a caretaker role. The Government is now operating in accordance with the Caretaker Conventions, pending the outcome of the 2022 federal election. Information on Caretaker Conventions: http://www.pmc.gov.au/caretaker

Privacy Impact Assessment Register

What is the Privacy Impact Assessment Register

The Privacy Impact Assessment Register records details of Privacy Impact Assessments conducted by ARPANSA since 1 July 2018, as required by the section 15.1 of the Privacy (Australian Government Agencies – Governance) APP Code 2017 (Cth) (the APP Code). The register also contains the ANRDR Privacy Impact Assessment completed in November 2017.

Why we have the register

The APP Code requires that all agencies, including ARPANSA, must conduct a PIA for all high privacy risk projects.

Register of ARPANSA Privacy Impact Assessments

Item Date of completion Title of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
1 Nov-17 ANRDR Privacy Impact Assessment
- <Intentionally left blank> <Intentionally left blank>

Note. There are no PIAs completed by ARPANSA, other than Item 1 in the table above.

When was the Register last updated?

The Register was last updated: 25 October 2021.

Access to a Privacy Impact Assessments

You can access a copy of the Privacy Impact Assessments shown in the Register by clicking on the document in the Register.