Twelve monthly non-medical import permits may be available for the regular import of low activity radioactive substances (sources) imported into Australia.

An importer/distributor may seek approval from ARPANSA for the importation of sources exempt from radiation licensing for a maximum twelve month period.

Examples of items that may be covered by this type of permit include:

  • smoke detectors
  • static eliminators
  • lighting products
  • aircraft displays
  • UV flame detector tubes
  • depleted uranium containers
  • rock samples containing uranium

Prior to supply, the importing company is required to confirm that the distributor requesting the product(s) holds an appropriate radiation licence or is exempt from radiation licensing.

If the quantity being imported within the twelve month period is less than twelve items, the applicant may apply for a single shipment permit for each consignment/shipment.

If a source doesn’t appear in the following table the issue of a 12 month permit will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Am-241Smoke alarms
Kr-85Aircraft display units
Ni-63Static eliminators, electron capture detectors (ECD)
Depleted UraniumContainers
ThoriumLighting products


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