Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014)

The management of risks from ionising radiation requires actions that are based on fundamental principles of radiation protection, safety and security. This publication, the Fundamentals for protection against ionising radiation (2014) provides an understanding of the effects of ionising radiation and associated risks for the health of humans and of the environment. It further explains how radiation protection, safety and security can work individually and collectively to manage radiation risks. Finally, it presents ten principles and their application in management of radiation risks.

This publication is the top tier document in the Australian national framework to manage risks from ionising radiation as laid out in the Radiation Protection Series (RPS). It is not mandatory and provides the underpinning science and protection principles. The way such principles translate into mandatory requirements is set out in the National Directory for Radiation Protection (the NDRP) and in relevant Codes of Practice, and is implemented through jurisdictional legislation and conditions of licence.


Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014)

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