Reporting an Incident

Who can report?

Infographic with ARIR in the centre, surrounded by Reporting, Preventing, Reviewing, awarenes - leading to best practice Users of radiation must report incidents to the radiation regulator located in their state or territory. Commonwealth departments and agencies report to ARPANSA. Find below the contact details of your radiation regulator.

When reporting, please ensure that you meet the requirements of your regulatory body. An in-depth analysis will assist ARIR in publishing relevant details on causes and preventions that can be used to promote radiation safety throughout Australia. Holistic Safety tools may assist you in identifying the primary and contributory causes of the incident, and any measure which would prevent the incident from re-occurring.

What happens next?

Flowchart describing submission, review and sharing

After an incident has been reported to the radiation regulator, the regulator lodges a report with the ARIR. Jurisdiction regulators use the web portal, once they have received their login information from ARPANSA. The information provided does not usually provide any information identifying individuals or workplaces. Where this is occasionally provided it is recorded and maintained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and is not used in any ARPANSA publication.

The information is analysed with the assistance of experts in incident and accident investigation, and in human and organisational factors. The aims of this analysis is to identify the primary and contributory causes and identify any patterns, trends or actions which could help prevent these types of incidents happening across Australia. These learnings are shared through a verity of means including annual summary reports and safety alerts.