What is it?
Diagram depicting Holistic Safety highlighting the organisational aspect

Organisations with a good security culture will at all levels possess shared values and beliefs for security that produce behavioural norms that provide an appropriate and demonstrable attention to security.

Nuclear security culture plays an important role in ensuring that individuals, organisations and institutions remain vigilant and that sustained measures are taken to prevent and combat the potential threat of the misuse of radioactive material to cause harm to individuals or the environment. These threats may originate from within or be external to the organisation, and may be intentional, unintentional or malicious.

Safety and security share a common objective of reducing risk. However, while both nuclear safety and nuclear security considers the risk of inadvertent human error, nuclear security places additional emphasis on deliberate acts that are intended to cause harm. As security focuses on deliberate acts, security culture requires different attitudes and behaviour, such as confidentiality of information and efforts to deter malicious acts, as compared with safety culture.

How can I use it in my operations?

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