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Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields

This is an in vitro study that looked into the relationship between RF exposure and

p>This animal study investigated the effects of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation on the

This animal study investigated whether exposure to radiofrequency (RF) EMF causes promotion of tumours.

This measurement study quantified the EMF levels emitted from the equipment employed in a sol

This study investigated the effects of occupational RF EMF exposure from radar on plasma c

This is a review by the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSM) on scientific studies published from October 2013 to September 2014 investigating

This is a human provocation study where the effects of ELF MF on brain activity were studied.

This is an update to the previous opinion in 2009 on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health, in light of recent

This animal study investigated whether mobile phone use causes harm to the brains of juvenile rats, in order to relate th

This is a review of the literature looking at low level exposure to RF and its association with adverse health symptoms.


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