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Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields

This cross-sectional study investigated the association between RF radiation and the risk of

This is a computer simulation study of the RF radiation emanating from up to 15 wireless devices in the closed environment of a train carriage.

This cohort study investigated whether exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiati

This is a report by a Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel reviewing the scientific evidence related to

This is a report by researchers from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority about an RF measurement programme conducted in rural, urban and city areas of Sweden.

This in vivo study investigated whether exposure to RF EMF emitted by mobile phones affects auditory function by altering

This paper presents results from a survey of RF electromagnetic field levels at 94 sites across four urban areas in the USA.

This animal study investigated the effects of exposure to radiofrequency (RF)

This animal study investigated whether RF radiation affects memory.

This simulation study investigated the thermal effects of radiofrequency (RF) exposure on workers’ bodies while wearing RF protective clothing.


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