31 August 2017

Performance indicator evidence metrics used for self-assessment 2015-17

13 May 2014

On 13 May 2014, the delegate of the CEO of ARPANSA decided to issue a licence to ANSTO to prepare a site for, and construct a controlled facility (the ANSTO SyMo Facility) at the ANSTO Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre

24 June 2014

On 27 June 2014, the CEO of ARPANSA issued a licence to ANSTO to construct a controlled facility (the ANSTO ANM Facility) at the ANSTO Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre.

17 May 2017

Information on major facilities that have been decommissioned or are no longer operating.

12 May 2017

An archive of ARPANSA public consultations.

9 May 2017

ANM Mo99 facility operating licence application - invitation to make submissions on ANSTO's application for a facility licence.


1 May 2017
This page provides the URL links to selected international standards (including documents that deal with risks) that may be considered for implementation, or to be relied on, in the Australian con
1 May 2017

Annual summary reports of radiation incidents have been compiled since 2004 and are available below.

Document placed on a wooden table.
12 September 2017

Codes that are regulatory in style and may be referenced by regulations or conditions of licence. They contain either general safety or security requirements which may be applicable for all dealings with radiation, or practice-specific requirements. They provide overarching requirements and are expressed as ‘must’ statements which are to be satisfied to ensure an acceptable level of safety and/or security.


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