21 January 2022

A protocol that outlines the steps required for a systematic review of the effect of long-term radiofrequency exposure on cognition in human observational studies.

21 January 2022

A systematic map protocol to identify, collate and categorise all relevant evidence on the impact of anthropogenic RF EMF exposure on animals and plants in the environment.

13 August 2021

As part of the newly formed EME Program, ARPANSA is making it’s first annual call for applications to address the research priority of ‘5G EME exposures and health’.

5 August 2021

In celebration of National Science Week 2021 (14-22 August), ARPANSA will be hosting an online event ‘Mobile phones and health’, with our Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Program Director, Associate Professor Sarah Loughran.

4 August 2021

ARPANSA has launched a new radiofrequency safety standard. An extensive review of the scientific literature was conducted, and experts from a diverse range of fields were consulted in developing the new Standard. The new Standard will protect the community from all new and existing technologies using RF.

This was a cross-sectional study that examined the possible association between exposure of

This cross-sectional study investigated the possible association between

The ‘Moscow signal’ incident occurred during the Cold War between 1953 and 1976.

This in vivo study examined the effects of radiofrequency

2 December 2020

A recent scientific review by ARPANSA and Swinburne University into radio waves and calcium movements in the body has found no evidence radio waves cause non-thermal health effects.


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