Close up hands placing a pair of sunglasses into a large machine for testing.
We test all common types of sunglass lenses to the Australian standard and issue test reports that state the lens category and other mandatory labelling information.
Several tall buildings of various heights and shapes with reflective window panels cascading around all of the walls
ARPANSA can measure the amount of UV radiation blocked out by transparent plastic films and all types of glass as well as transparent and translucent building materials. Examples include automotive window tint films, product packaging films and polycarbonate roofing.
Series of triangular shade sails blocking sections of a cloudy sky.
Shade fabric, also known as shadecloth, is a popular method of providing climate control in greenhouses and nurseries for plants and for providing shade for people outdoors. We operate a service for measuring effectiveness of shade fabrics for sun protection
Close-up of a pair of hands examining a green piece of fabric with testing equipment.
All fabrics have some ability to block UVR but laboratory testing is needed to tell how useful different fabrics are for sun protection by measuring the Ultraviolet Protection Factor or 'UPF' rating.
Sun shining bright in blue sky with sun rays and a few clouds
ARPANSA has teamed up with Cancer Council Victoria and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to create a SunSmart Global UV app. 
A list of products that provide sun protection.
Woman sitting cross legged in park wearing shorts, t-shirt and a broad brimmed hat and applying sunscreen to bare arms
A review led by ARPANSA has shown that sunscreen is safe to use and, when applied correctly, reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburn.

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