UPF trade mark information

ARPANSA issues millions of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) swing tags every year for labelling sun protective clothing and the tags all carry an image of the UPF Certification Trade Mark.

UPF Rating Label This is an Australian Government trademark that is widely used to label sun protective clothing. If a garment label carries this trademark it means that testing of the materials has been done by an approved laboratory and that ARPANSA has been satisfied that the materials used to construct that product will provide at least the amount of sun protection stated on the rating label.

Companies wanting to use the ARPANSA tags must first contact ARPANSA for a licence to use the trademark. A licence issued by ARPANSA allows a company to apply labels containing the UPF Certification Trade Mark to products that have been tested by ARPANSA and meet minimum requirements for sun protection.

An information pack is available from ARPANSA that describes how to apply for a licence to use the trademark and swing tags and the costs involved.

Download the complete information package

PDF icon UPF trademark information package

The information package includes:

Introduction to the UPF Certification Scheme
Fact sheet that discusses UV radiation and clothing
Example swing tag featuring the UPF Certification Trade Mark
Rules governing the use of the UPF Certification Trade Mark (includes an application form for a licence to use the UPF Certification Trade Mark
Schedule of licence fee options
Licence application checklist and overview of the licensing process
Request form for UPF testing materials
Schedule of Charges for UPF Testing
Policy on delivery of swing tags to overseas destinations
Application for a specific use of the UPF Certification Trade Mark
Payment methods
Requirements for the use of the ARPANSA name

Australian companies pay the charges in the GST-included column. Non-Australian companies pay the charges in the GST-exempt column. All prices are in Australian dollars. The preferred methods of payment are in Australian dollars, either by bank cheque made out to "ARPANSA" or by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Note that overseas EFT payments attract an additional bank fee of A$20 per transaction. Contact the ARPANSA accounts department on +61 3 9433 2250 for specific details of payment by EFT.

Licence fees are payable with the annual licence application.

Applicants for a licence to use the UPF Certification Trade Mark may select the fee option that best suits their requirements.

Current charges

Licence Fee Option Annual licence fee including Australian GST Swing tag price including Australian GST(per pack of 500 tags)* Annual licence fee excluding Australian GST Swing tag price excluding Australian GST(per pack of 500 tags)* Sample retests**
Option One $540.00 $33.70 $490.91 $30.64 10
Option Two $160.00 $51.50 $145.45 $46.82 5
Swing Tags*

Swing tags are shrink wrapped in bundles of 500. Specify your preferred method of delivery on the order form.

Fabric Retesting**

During the licence period licensees may submit, at no charge, up to the indicated number of previously tested fabrics for retesting by ARPANSA. This assists the licensee in checking for consistent product quality and ensures that test reports remain current for licensing purposes. To qualify as a retest, a sample must be the same type of material and colour as the original sample tested. Indicate if a sample is a retest by entering the ARPANSA job code for the original sample into the "Retest" column of the testing request form to ensure that no invoice is raised.

For more information contact the upf-testingatarpansa.gov.au (UPF Testing Service).