Next meeting

Date: December 2023
Location: Melbourne

Public consultation

Council has agreed on the following steps to increase its openness to the public:

  • The public can make submissions to the Council for matters to be considered for the agenda. The public can also request to appear in person at a meeting to put forward a position on a subject.
  • The Chair of Council may also consider a public and/or press briefing after a meeting. Notification of the proposed time and location will appear on this website.

For further information about past Council meetings, see minutes of previous meetings.

Contact the Council Secretariat to:

  • make a written submission to Council
  • make arrangements to appear before Council in person

Secretariat contact details:

In deciding to accommodate requests to appear, consideration is given, amongst other things, to the nature and number of requests received and the views of Council. The final decision on requests to appear will be at the sole discretion of the Chair of Council.

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