RPS G-2 - Appendix 1

Derivation of existing exposure guide clauses from GSR Part 3 requirements

The following table cross-references each clause in Section 3 of this Guide to the relevant requirement in the Trusted International Standard, Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards - General Safety Requirements, IAEA Safety Standards Series GSR Part 3 (IAEA 2014). GSR Part 3 is published on the IAEA website.

Guidance Clause(s) Requirement

Responsibilities specific to existing exposure situations

3.1.1‑3.1.4 Requirement 47
Justification for protective actions and optimisation of protection and safety 3.2.1‑3.2.3 Requirement 48
Responsibilities for remediation of areas with residual radioactive material 3.2.4‑3.2.12 Requirement 49
Public exposure due to radon indoors 3.2.13‑3.2.15 Requirement 50
Exposure due to radionuclides in commodities 3.2.16‑3.2.17 Requirement 51
Exposure in workplaces 3.3.1‑3.3.8 Requirement 52

Requirements 1-33 in GSR Part 3 apply to planned exposure situations, Requirements 34-42 in GSR Part 3 apply to medical exposure situations and Requirements 43-46 in GSR Part 3 apply to emergency exposure situations. The provisions in those Requirements will be incorporated into separate Codes or Guides in the Radiation Protection Series.

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