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Not sure how to interpret your dose report? Use this handy explanation tool to help you understand the information on your dose report.

Explanation of terms

Control monitor

The control monitor is included with each monitor delivery to measure the natural background where the wearer monitors are stored. The control monitor is used in calculating the wearers' occupational dose.

Dose last twelve months

This is the total dose of the past twelve months ending on the report date and includes the monitor dose on the current report. It is a sum of all the doses reported in a twelve month window ending on the monitoring period report date. This total may decrease if the last dose is smaller than the earliest dose that has just fallen outside the twelve month window.

Hp(0.07) or equivalent dose Hp(0.07)

Hp (0.07) is a dose equivalent at 0.07 mm depth in tissue, also known as skin dose. The annual dose limit is 500 mSv.

Hp(10) or equivalent dose Hp(10)

Hp (10) is a dose equivalent at 10 mm depth in tissue, also known as whole body dose. The annual dose limit is 20 mSv.

Minimum Reportable Dose (MRD)

The lowest occupational dose that can be reported with statistical confidence. Based on the Limit of Quantification from IAEA/AQ/48.

Occupational dose

The dose calculated for a wearer by subtracting the background radiation (the control monitor) from the wearer’s monitor dose.

Dose report FAQ

An unworn monitor received a dose during the wearing period. Why is this?

If monitors are not being worn by the employees, the monitors should be stored with the control monitor in an area with low background radiation, away from any potential radiation source. Please see our control monitor page for location recommendations.

Why are some wearer's names missing from my dose report?

Only monitors that are returned are printed on the dose report. If a name is absent from the dose report, their monitor has not been returned to PRMS with its control group.

A wearer’s monitor dose shows 'not reported', what does this mean?

There are three possible reasons why a dose may not be reported. Please refer to the symbol in the comments column of your dose report. This symbol corresponds to an explantation on the last page.

Dose report units

Why have the units on my dose report changed?

To make our reports more user friendly and easy to integrate with other systems, such as the state regulators’ safety standards, we have now changed the units we report in from µSv to mSv.

To help you compare our new and old pdf reports please use this handy comparison table:

10 00010
20 00020

mSv = 1000 * µSv

µSv = mSv / 1000

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