At the end of the wearing periods, you return the monitors (along with the relevant control) to us for processing. We process and assess your monitors at our in-house facility in Victoria, Australia to provide you with a dose report detailing the dose recordings of each monitor. This is usually within two to four weeks of us receiving the monitors. We then mail a hard copy report out to your mailing address.

Understanding your dose report

If you would like further clarification of your dose report you can visit our Understanding your dose report section.

Storing dose reports

It is the responsibility of the employer to maintain employee dose records according to Australian Standards.

Electronic dose report data files

We provide CSV files that contain your (unofficial) dose report data for importing into database and spreadsheet applications. These are in addition to the official authorised paper report sent by post.

If you are an existing centre and would like to receive the CSV data file please fill in the

Personal dose history reports

The dose records of all individuals monitored by ARPANSA are stored electronically to maintain a complete dose history of each person, no matter where they work by the Australian National Radiation Dose Register (ANRDR).

If you require a report please request a dose history report.

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