Radioanalytical Services operates under the ARPANSA quality system. Under this quality system, clients request sample analysis using the client request form. Sample analysis will not begin until we have received this form.



Client information

  • Radioanalytical Services will send confirmation of receipt of samples (via the RAS chain of custody).
  • Sample containers should be uniquely identified and appropriately labelled.
  • A list of sample identifiers should accompany the samples. This will allow us to check that all samples are present and will ensure that the appropriate information will appear on the final report.
  • The report will include a reference date. The date received will be used as the sample reference date. Please indicate if an alternate reference date is to be used.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the samples are properly packaged, labelled and transported in accordance with state and Commonwealth regulations.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to notify ARPANSA of any hazards associated with the samples.
  • Samples will be retained for a minimum of one month after the issue of the test report. After this time, unless otherwise requested by the client, the samples will be disposed of.
  • ARPANSA reserves the right to return any samples to the client (at the client’s cost), and will normally return hazardous samples.

Schedule of charges

Description of Service Charge (including GST)
Food Analysis per item $125.00
Food Certificate* (per item - up to 5 copies) $220.00

*The extra charge for additional lots of 5 copies is $100.00

Invoices will be issued that meet the minimum requirements of the Australian Taxation Office and applicable legislation and indicate the GST component.

Contact details

Phone: (03) 9433 2211


All requests for Radioanalyical Services should be forwarded to:

Radioanalytical Services
619 Lower Plenty Road
Yallambie VIC 3085

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