ARPANSA endeavours to make its expectations clear via regulatory guides and other information published on this website.

What to expect after submitting your application

When your application is received it is checked for completeness.  The required fee must be received for the application to be valid.

A regulatory officer will be assigned to do the assessment and will be your point of contact for all information regarding your application. The regulatory officer may request additional information and may arrange meetings or site visits to discuss aspects of your application and view your operations.

The regulatory officer will likely be assigned as the lead inspector if/when a licence is issued.

Assessment time

The regulatory officer will agree an assessment time with you when you lodge the application.  This time frame can be renegotiated at any time during the assessment process if required. 

The time taken for ARPANSA to assess your licence application will vary. It depends on the quality of the application, the complexity of the proposed conduct or dealing and how responsive you are to ARPANSA’s requests for further information. As a guide, it may take a few days to assess a straightforward low hazard source licence application whereas an application for a complex facility may take 60-90 days or more.

Assessment process

In assessing your application ARPANSA will consider whether it is supported by a comprehensive risk assessment, sound management system, and practices consistent with international best practice. The key principles of radiation protection – justification of the practice, optimisation of protection, and dose limitation – must be adequately demonstrated. 

ARPANSA needs to be confident that if you are issued with a licence you are capable of complying with the Act & Regulations, can effectively manage your risks, have a strong safety culture, and that your activities do not pose a risk to the health and safety of people or the environment.

ARPANSA applies a risk-based graded approach to its assessments; the depth of assessment is proportionate to the risks and complexities of the proposed conduct or dealing.

Licensing decision

The regulatory officer will prepare a regulatory assessment report and make his/her recommendations about whether a licence should be issued. The final decision is made by the CEO of ARPANSA (or delegate).

ARPANSA will advise you in writing of the decision.  If your application is approved your licence will be included.  This will show the date from which it takes effect and the conditions that apply. Further information can be found on the licence conditions page.

If your application is declined the reasons will be explained and you will be provided with information on how you may appeal the decision.

Further information about ARPANSA’s review and assessment processes can be found in: 

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